Scoutmaster Position-Specific Training 2017 Summer Camp

Scoutmaster Position-Specific Training


To see the background on this training, check out this post.

We’ve been lining up trainers for all seven weeks of our Summer Camp program for the past couple of years now to present the training over multiple evenings. This program is really good at modeling the patrol method and works well in a large setting where you can have multiple patrols – but in a small setting, the patrol activities fall flat and are ineffective.

With the summer camp groups being really small – like two or three folks sometimes – this version of the training has been revised to cut down on the patrol activities (patrol name, flog, etc.) but not cut the discussion that is vital to the experience.

The PowerPoint slides are designed to be printed and used in a 3 ring flip book – just like Troop Guides use in Wood Badge.

If you’re a BSA Scouter looking for materials to run the Scoutmaster Position-Specific Training course in an outdoor setting, you can download the PowerPoint file here: SM Specific 2017 Summer Camp Presentation (12)


Wood Badge Final Write Up Boilerplate

When I took Wood Badge, there was no real guidance on how to write up your ticket for final submission, just instruction that you had to do so. So, I created a Word document for it myself.

I’m serving as Troop Guide on a course now, so I went back to my write up doc and turned it into a boilerplate so I could share it with the patrol. Sharing it here in case anyone else might find it useful.

Wood Badge Final Write Up Boilerplate (28)

Wood Badge Final Write Up


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