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S5-420-15 Gilwell Gazettes

S5-420-15 Gilwell Gazettes


I had a blast, serving as the Troop 1 Scribe for Wood Badge Course S5-420-15. Here are the Gilwell Gazettes I produced for the practical training weekends in March and April of 2015.  Starting with a pre-course issue zero that was used as promotion and then all the issues created during the two course weekends.

S5-420-15 Gilwell Gazette vol. 1, issue 0 (20)

S5-420-15 Gilwell Gazette vol. 1, issue 1 (20)

S5-420-15 Gilwell Gazette vol. 1, issue 2 (23)

S5-420-15 Gilwell Gazette vol. 1, issue 3 (20)

S5-420-15 Gilwell Gazette vol. 1, issue 4 (9)

S5-420-15 Gilwell Gazette vol. 1, issue 5 (11)

S5-420-15 Gilwell Gazette vol. 1, issue 6 (12)



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Scoutmaster Position-Specific Training

Scoutmaster Position-Specific Training

In December 2014 the Boy Scouts of America released a new version of one it’s main training courses for Scoutmasters and Assistant Scoutmasters. The name of the course was changed from Scoutmaster & Assistant Specific Training to Scoutmaster Position-Specific Training, although the course number remains the same: S24.

Scoutmasters and Assistant Scoutmasters who complete this course, Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills, and Youth Protection Training are considered “trained” for their positions.

My wife and I ran the new course for the first time in our council this weekend at our Merit Badge University event. Overall, I think the course is a great improvement over the previous one. It’s more interactive and discussion based, which beats the old course’s format of sitting through hours of lecture.

The only drawback on this course was the fact that the syllabus constantly references using the new Troop Leader Guidebooks, a two volume set that replaces the old Scoutmaster Handbook – which as of this post, is still not available – neither as a PDF download or for purchase.

This blog post on Scouting magazine’s blog about the Troop Leader Guidebooks from August 2013 shows an update from June 2014 that the books have been postponed until December 2014.scouting-blog-august-2013 Well, the syllabus for the Scoutmaster Position-Specific Training came out n December 2014, but we’re still waiting on the new guidebooks.

The absence of the new guidebooks made putting the course together a little tricky but using already available materials and a packet of handouts, we were able to run the new course successfully.

If you’re a BSA Scouter looking for materials to run the new Scoutmaster Position-Specific Training course, you can download the handouts we used here: Scoutmaster Position-Specific Training (43) And you can get to the PowerPoint presentation we created here on SlideShare.