iOS 6 Failures on my iPhone 4

And I'm not talking about the Apple Maps fiasco.  iOS 6 has failed on my iPhone 4 in the form of twice, not being able to answer a call.

The screen was unresponsive, so I couldn't click answer or unlock the phone.  In one call, my repeated tapping and swiping some howiOS 6 FAIL triggered the phone to start playing a Wilco song.  The iPhone was still unresponsive so the song just kept playing until it finally let me unlock the screen and turn it off.

<sarcasm>  Nice. </sarcasm>

On a call today and after I ended the call, the phone started playing the podcast I'd been listening to during my commute.

<sarcasm class="dripping">  Nice. </sarcasm>

Speaking of Podcasts - first time I jumped in the car and went to listen to one was when I discovered that they were no longer there!  Had to download the new Podcasts app - and re-subscribe to all of my podcasts.

<sarcasm class="biting">  Nice. </sarcasm>