2013 Jamboree and the Global Fat Scale

I never thought much about BMI until I made the decision to go to the Boy Scouts of America's National Jamboree next year.  The jamboree will be the grand opening of the Summit Betchel Reserve in West Virginia, which will be an amazing high adventure camp.  As a result of all the high adventure activity and the rugged terrain, this jamboree will both be much more physically demanding than past jambos.Global Fat Scale

There will be no bus routes or personal vehicles at jambo.  All participants and staff will hike everywhere they go.  I think it's awesome that both the Summit and National Jamboree will be "kickin' it Boy Scout style"!  But it means that there's no place for adult volunteers that are overweight or obese.  They're enforcing some strict rules on BMI - and rightly so.

I've been in training since March and I'm at the high end of being able to attend now after dropping 40 pounds, but I'll be continuing on to make sure I'm well within a solid BMI as I'll be serving on national staff.

Stumbled across this little widget from BBC News that takes UN population data and shows you where you fall of the Global Fat Scale.  Check it out!

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