Happy 21st Birthday World Wide Web

It's been 21 year a since Tim Berners-Lee announced his creation of the first hypertext browser on USENET group and opened up to the world the first website he'd created on August 6, 1991. You can read the announcement here.Tim Berners-Lee

Thanks for the awesome career Tim. Sorry the Olympic Opening Ceremony made it look like your creation reached it's full potential by allowing teenagers to hook up for make out sessions - oh wait, you were there.


One Week Using A Macbook Pro High Retina

I've spent the past week transitioning from an iMac to a Macbook Pro High Retina. I'm blown away at how fast and powerful this thing is. I was a little worried about the move but it's so much better than the desktop I was using.

The screen is truly amazing, and thank you Google for having Chrome Canary available. Standard resolution software does look a bit blurry and having all my extensions and bookmarks rocking in high retina on Chrome Canary is a godsend. The old iMac looks blurry to me now - and I used to be wowed by the screen on it. The grass is always greener and in amazing definition I guess.macbook pro high retina

The most impressive thing to me is: the weight. I've used a 15" Macbook Pro some over the past couple of years, just not as my "main" machine and the difference in the weight is a significant pleasure to me. Just carrying it in one hand up a flight of stairs feels ... right. I'm sure if I ever got an Air I'd love it but the combo of lightweight, power, speed, and the jaw dropping resolution has made me one happy camper.


One Character Passwords in Yahoo Hack

The login information for 450,000 Yahoo users was posted online today. The anonymous hackers posted that they were posting the info as a warning:

"We hope that the parties responsible for managing the security of this subdomain will take this as a wake-up call, and not as a threat."

Yahoo Hacked

What I find really interesting is the statistics of the data that was posted. Full breakdown available at:

The stats show that out of the 450K logins, 117 of them were using one character passwords. I didn't even think that was possible! How old are those logins that Yahoo would allow someone to create a login with a one character password? May be they were old test accounts? Weird.

If you run any one character password through HOW SECURE IS MY PASSWORD? it says the password would be cracked by a desktop PC - Instantly. I like to use passwords that say it would take About 1 trillion years.


When Twitter Grows Up It Wants To Be Facebook?

Come on Twitter! The thing that makes you cool are the third party apps. Don't take your ball and go home.

Twitter follows Facebook down the walled garden path