Tucker’s Eagle Project

My son Tucker passed his Eagle Board of Review on August 7, 2013.  His family is very proud of his achievement, and I’m completely blown away by the scale of his Eagle Project that he did over the summer of 2013.  It was the largest Eagle Project I’ve seen anyone take on, but Tucker has never been one to do things small.

Tucker’s project was a major restoration effort that corrected severe erosion around and underneath the bleachers at William Lenoir Middle School.  Volunteers filled voids underneath the bleachers with 1.5 tons of rock and clay.  After installing a drain line where an overflow pipe washed away the hillside, volunteers filled and seeded the hillside on both sides of the bleachers.   Students did concrete patching with 700 pounds of grout, and a professional crew helped with structural concrete repairs.  On the field, volunteers cleared the drain box, trenched to alleviate flooding on the field and filled and seeded.  A heavy-duty trash and recycling receptacle was installed.  The project required 450 man-hours and cost $3,759.14.

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  1. harlan schlicher says:

    I got tired reading about this. Wow! Enlisting professional folks is a great skill and finding volunteers is another skill. raising the 3700 is good, but watch out and don’t be a fundraiser(exhausting).
    Loved the pix.

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